Ring Box

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Edgar, the muppet that didn’t make it…

Edgar, the muppet that didn't make it...

I was feeling a bit random today and created a hand puppet that just makes an awkward squawking sound. At first it was just my hand, then I decided to give him eyes by gluing two bouncy balls on top of a ring. I then gave him the name Edgar. He is now my boyfriend’s best friend yet my boyfriend is annoyed by him. I think he’s cute! Random, yet cute!

Best day ever! Smile 🙂

Paper Mache Project

Paper Mache Project

I made a paper mache bowl and it’s finally dry! It was just painted today and for now it is finished. I might add more to it later but right now i want to keep it simple.

I decided to paint “Hakuna Matata” on the bowl because it is a philosophy that I personally like to follow. I thought it would be a fun idea for a small reminder to just let things go and not worry so much 🙂

So here is the completed project. It’s not perfect but life isn’t perfect either. Enjoy!


I work at a preschool and I have made two really great videos but unfortunately I can not post them since the children are in the videos. It’s just them when they are singing, doing crafts and just having fun at the preschool but the way that I have edited these, it’s amazing if I do say so myself. One of my vidoes is a documentation about music and how the children learn music and rhythm. The other one is an advertisment for the preschool I work at which includes how we work and what we are all about.

I really wish I could post them but you will just have to take my word for it…

or maybe give me some other ideas so I can make new videos! One of my videos about the friends I made through World of Warcraft is posted here, but I would like to continue to make more so ideas are always welcome. I need some practice 🙂

Advent Calendar Box


Advent calendar box made from match boxes.
Small treats or items or even messages are placed in each box that you can open on the days before X-mas.

I made this for my boyfriend. The last present will be something very special 🙂

Candle Jar

Candle Jar

Recycling empty jars

I used some empty jars to create this simple yet beautiful candle holder.
First I collected sticks outside.
Then I put a rubber band around the jar and placed the sticks around it, held in place by the rubber band.
Once all the sticks were just the way i wanted them I cut them all roughly the same size.
I then took some black sewing thread and wrapped it really tight around the sticks, overlaying it to add a bit of texture.
Then I tied a pretty ribbon around the sticks really tight and removed the rubber band
Finally I placed a candle inside, lit it and watched as the flames peaked through the imperfect layering of sticks.

Theatrical Prop for Halloween


Theatrical Prop

We had some big cardboard boxes at the preschool I work at and I decided to use it to create a theatrical prop for Halloween. I started off by coming up with a theme for the project. I chose different characters that the children could be and placed them in a pumpkin patch on a hill with a night sky. I wanted to keep this fairly simple so that the children would be able to help with the painting. I drew the pumpkin first, then the skeleton, the ghost, cat and moon next and the clouds in the sky last. The bats were the kid’s ideas.

We had so much fun doing the project. We listened to the soundtrack of “The Nightmare Before Christmas” while happily painting. The kids had so much fun pretending to be the skeleton mostly and the parents were quite impressed with the amount time we spent on this. The project took about 2 weeks of work. I wasn’t working on this constantly, only about 30 minutes a day since I had to be with the children for the most part of the day.

I wanted to perfect the painting much more but there simply wasn’t time to do more so this is the end result. I’m not 100% satisfied but I am very pleased with how it turned out.