I’m not sure If many people know that I designed my own tattoos. My tattoo artist made my ideas come to life! I drew my basic concepts and he made it more real that I imagined they would be. My first tattoo is of 8 stars which represent a few different things for me. I was born on august 8 and my anniversary is on the 8th of february. Just a nice number for me.   Why Stars? I just like them and thought it would look good!


My second Tattoo is of a fairy with fire wings.I love the thought of mystical characters such as fairies. The thought of being able to fly into a vast forest of serenity is my calm place. With the wind softly blowing though my hair and wings spread wide soaring though the air. Why a fire fairy? Well I love the way fire dances, how such a powerful and dangerous thing can be so graceful and beautiful interests me. So here it is!


These tattoos were not done at the same time. The stars were a full 3 hour sitting and everything was finished during that time. The fairy took a bit longer, a 3 hour sitting for just the outline. I came back a later date for another 3 hour sitting for the color. They were both completed in 2011. I am very pleased with the outcome! I almost forget that I have them because they are so much a part of me now 🙂


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