Where have I been all this time?

Wow, it has been some time since I have posted so this will be a big mix of things that I have been up to lately.


I have recently joined Pinterest as suggested by a friend of mine. I joined this site to gather new ideas to help me follow a more creative path. This site as been very inspirational to me.


I haven’t post a lot of my crafts yet, but I plan to share more so that others may be inspired.


I have been testing some new hairstyles including cut and coloring. Art? sure I could consider this an art form or at least it shows a bit of my creative abilities. Here’s another picture of a 50’s hairstyle I have been toying with.


I have recently changed my hair to red because the green faded into strange patches but it was fun while it lasted! Goodbye purple and green, and hello red! (which is also fading, unfortunately) who knows what my next hair color will be!

Well well not only have I been experimenting with my hair and personal style, I have also been playing around with a photography app on my phone while on the subway to work. Here are just a few things that I have added effects too. It’s nothing too exciting but I think they are pretty cool.


The view when I wake up as the morning sun beams in through the shades.


Just a clip from a newspaper. Normally you only read bad news and horrible things that happen in the world, so I thought this was very nice to see. Ok it actually said something else after because it was an ad for something but I only saw this little message and captured it so that others may be reminded to smile!

I will leave you with a continuation of this newspaper project I have been working on. I am now attempting to make paper sculptures, so far I have made a little birdie and soon to be finished cat.


This was supposed to be a chicken but turned out to look more like a bird. I want to make more of these in different heights and proportions so they can be part of a collection. As you can see I have not really figured out the style of eyes I would like to have but I’m sure you get the idea 🙂 I don’t want these birds to be painted, I wanted it to be know that it is made from newspaper. I think it’s cute! It’s now sitting on my computer desk 🙂


This is the day of the dead cat in progress. First I made an armature out of wire, then I added newspaper. I used wallpaper paste to glue on the outside of the sculpture to form and shape the cat, in a paper mache-like fashion. I added some string while it was drying so that the tail would stay in that position. As I said it is still in progress, it is dry but I need paint!

This is the link that inspired me to make a cat so I’m trying to make mine look similar. http://pinterest.com/pin/434104851552187307/

Hope you enjoyed this entry! Don’t forget to SMILE 🙂

❤ Kimby


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